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Platinum Auto Protection Services

We provide Platinum Auto Protection Services – New car buyers are often asked by auto dealerships to purchase costly paint, fabric, leather, rust and undercoating protection packages. Your new car rolled into your life with the latest innovations in design and construction. But it still has to battle the wear and tear of our harsh Canadian climate. Strong UV rays, extreme heat or cold, snow and ice, rain or humidity, road salt and pollutants can harm your car’s beauty and its functions. Exterior and interior safeguards from Platinum Auto Protection will defend your vehicle against harsh conditions

Auto Detailing Services



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Burnaby Auto Spa, the spa your car deserves We welcome you to Burnaby Auto Spa Inc. – Professional detailing services in Burnaby, BC. At Burnaby Auto Spa you will find that we offer unique detailing services, superior to that of most detailing shops scattered through out metro Vancouver area.  Having worked for, and even managed other high-volume detail shop, now, with more then 21 years experience in the car care industry, I have been able to achieve my dream of offering the very best detailing and paint reconditioning service in metro Vancouver area, catering to individuals who demand the very best for their vehicles. First and foremost, we are in the service industry, which means we are here to serve you. We make it our responsibility to know you and your business by working closely with you to ensure that the solutions we provide…